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We’ve gathered the top 10 topics of discussion from our prospective partners like you and provided detailed, transparent answers to help you get started:

  1. How much do 99 Spoons machines cost? Our machines are priced between $14,999 and $16,999, varying with purchase volume. Our comprehensive packages offer more than just the machine; they include location scouting, delivery, installation, on-site training, warranty, ongoing support, and access to an unparalleled wholesale supply chain, all through best-in-class third parties.
  2. How do I secure Prime Locations? The journey to success begins with an ideal location. The teams at Thrive Retail and Vending Match not only guide you in selecting prime spots but also facilitates negotiations and setup on your behalf.

    Want to do it yourself? We have designed a DIY location procurement kit with sales scripts, template contracts, marketing materials and more… Many of our awesome customers have secured some incredible locations for their equipment using these tools!

  3. How do I manage the Supply Chain? Procure your supplies with ease from national third-party distributors. With simple online ordering and door-to-door delivery, managing your supply chain has never been simpler. We even assist in guiding you through your initial order and help you set up your distributor accounts.
  4. What does training by Precision Vending and Logistics look like? Receive hands-on, in-person training from the expert team at Precision Vending and Logistics. Aimed at making you proficient in just 3-4 hours, our training ensures you’re ready to delight your customers from day one. Install, set up, filling, emptying, cleaning, troubleshooting, routine maintenance tips and more…These guys are pro’s and our customers love the relationship.
  5. Are there any Hidden Fees? We pride ourselves on transparency: no monthly fees or royalties, just a $49 monthly charge for our cutting-edge remote monitoring software. Our unique model champions your growth and profitability.
  6. What is the Profit Per Cup? With an average national selling price of $6.00 per cup, enjoy robust profit margins of approximately $3.40-$3.75 per sale. Taste the sweetness of success with every cup sold. Please note, you determine how much you sell each cup for. If you have a location that warrants a $10 per cup sale, go for it!
  7. What kind of After-Sales Support will I receive?:Expect comprehensive support post-sale, including technical assistance, marketing strategies, and operational guidance. Our warranty covers spare parts, and we offer nationwide access to technicians, ensuring your operations ALWAYS run smoothly.
  8. Are the 99 Spoons machines easy to Operate? Our machines are a testament to simplicity and efficiency, designed to be user-friendly for operators of all types. Comprehensive training ensures hassle-free operation. Anyone can do this!
  9. Can I customize the Ice Cream and Toppings? Creativity has no bounds with our versatile machines. From soft serve to toppings and syrups, mix and match to create unique flavor combinations. Need inspiration? Check our Toppings Menu!
  10. Can I Personalize the Brand on my machines? Make it truly yours by using your own brand. From naming and logo design to color schemes and machine wraps, our design team is here to bring your vision to life.

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