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Soft Serve Vending

99 Spoons Automated Soft Serve Vending

Open 24/7 for delicious, delectable soft serve options delivered in 45 seconds or less.

99 spoons machines are certified by 

Logos of nama, nsf international, and intertek displayed in a row on a plain background.

Here's How It Works


5 Simple Steps To Set Up


Remote Monitoring Software

Inventory Management

Dashboard showing total sales by customer accounts


Custom ice cream and topping combos

Alert Delivery Methods

Unique logins and linked to customers units.

Sales by topping


Sales by syrup

Sales by topping

Customers able to manage machines:

Total sales of all machines by time ranges

Sales by machine (weekly, monthly, annually, by machine and total.) 

Total sales of all machines by time ranges

Technical Specs

A modern, white frozen treat vending machine with a pink and blue color scheme, branding for "99 spoons," and interactive screens displaying menu options.
  • Machine size – Vending Machine
    76.4”(H) x 38.7”(W) x 36.6”(D)
  • Electrical Requirements – Circuit/Outlet
    • Phase – Single
    • Voltage – 110V (no less than 105V during heavy draw)
    • Running Amps – 25A
    • Frequency – 60HZ
  • Payment System – Nayax VPOS Touch
  • Accepted Methods – Card, Mobile Pay, QR Code
  • Card Capabilities – Chip, Swipe, Tap
  • Cards Accepted – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX
  • Mobile Accepted – Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Hopper Volume – 4.4 gallons (140 x 4oz services approx.)
  • Freezing Cylinder Volume – 0.26 gallons
  • Cups/Spoons Capacity – 140 cups 
  • Topping/Syrup Containers – 3 Each (option for additional fourth container)
  • Operating System – Android 4.7
  • Telemetry – Cloud Based
  • Compressor – Embraco 1.4hp
  • Touch Screen – 32”
  • Auger Motor – Frequency Conversion 0.75kw
  • UV Light Cleaning (during night mode self cleaning mechanism)
  • Pasteurization – when in night mode our new machine kills bacteria allowing for extended product shelf-life and less frequent cleaning cycles.

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