Host a 99 Spoons Soft Serve Kiosk

At 99 Spoons we are looking to establish partnerships with every high foot traffic location in North America that wants to offer customers a delicious, affordable soft-serve treat with multiple toppings options, served by a little robot, and in 20 seconds or less.

We have a generous profit sharing commission program that consists of a net profit share, or monthly floor space rental which allows everyone to win.


Glove Service

Based Reporting

Professional Operators

Quick Response Times, Reliable Equipment

Generous Monthly Commission

How It Works

Requesting and receiving a robotic soft-serve kiosk is simple. Here’s the process.

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What do we need from you?


Our soft-serve kiosk’s Dimensions are H75.6” x W38.6” x D35.4”

No, our soft-serve kiosks will only require one standard 110V electrical plug in.  The kiosk is entirely self-contained and does not require any plumbing.

The kiosks are pending full UL, NAMA and MET certifications.

We generally offer a share of gross revenue to most locations however some locations are more interested in renting their floorspace to us. We are open to both.  We also love working with locations that are open to subsidy programs (generally wellness initiatives)  for employees

Our kiosks feature cloud based remote monitoring software that notifies us immediately if any issues arise. When this happens the owner of the kiosk will quickly respond to the issue.  We also provide direct contact info on every kiosk for your customers to contact the owner in the event of an issue.

Although it is not required, if you do have a 3-compartment sink on site we would love to use it, so we can keep the kiosk sanitized and adhere to health and safety standards mandated by the local health department.

You and your staff have no ongoing responsibilities. The kiosk owner will check on the kiosk as often as necessary and will handle all cleaning and maintenance of the kiosk. 

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