Ready To Operate Your Own Robotic Soft-Serve Kiosks?

The team at 99 Innovations can’t operate our robotic soft-serve kiosks everywhere, we simply don’t have the infrastructure. Because of this we want to give entrepreneurs, and already established vending operators access to our exclusive equipment and software. A quick summary of how this works.

Step 1

Purchase from us our robotic soft-serve kiosks. Select a family fun or contemporary graphics kit from the options available. (See below for details)

Step 2

If you don’t have a location, use our location procurement guide to secure locations in your area that meet very specific criteria for foot traffic, hours of operation, competitive foods sold and a kiosk placement guide to give yourself the best chance of success. We also have access to established and proven third parties who can do this on your behalf for a separate fee. Contact us to learn more

Step 3

We have contracted with a national third-party logistics company who can handle on your behalf warehousing, site surveys, delivery, installation, training and on-going technical support.

Step 4

We have a plethora of training, set up, maintenance, cleaning and general operations videos in our operator resource center. As we grow we will be adding more resources provided directly from other operators who purchase our equipment.

Step 5

All cups, spoons, soft-serve, toppings and sauces will be provided to you from a list of recommended suppliers.

Step 6

You will set up your own merchant account with https://www.nayax.com/ so all Credit/Debit, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay transactions are deposited into your own nominated bank account each week.

Step 7

99 Innovations will charge you a monthly software fee of $49 to license the exclusive UI software. If you would like to create your own software, ordering process and user interface, by all means you can. There will be a separate charge for this if you would like our help, and we will not charge you any on-going software fees thereafter.

Note: We have incredibly competitive  equipment financing options in place for applicants with the right credit score and history. Contact us to learn more about revolving credit lines, personal loans and equipment leasing options.

Graphics Kits.

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Tailored Location Procurement Resources

If you are an established operator, or you are an entrepreneur looking to purchase a robotic soft-service vending kiosk from our company, then chances are you may need some help securing a high quality, high foot traffic location in your area. We don’t provide location services; but we can provide the best resources to assist.

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