Reaping the Sweet Rewards: Why Businesses Should Choose 99 Spoons’ Automated Soft Serve Vending Kiosks”


In the world of ice cream vending, where delectable flavors meet profit-making potential, a new trend is taking root: automated soft serve vending. With top-tier technology like 99 Spoons’ automated soft serve vending kiosks, businesses are realizing that vending business models offer numerous advantages over traditional approaches.

So why should you consider investing in 99 Spoons’ vending kiosks? Let’s scoop up the benefits:

Reduced Labor Costs

In traditional soft serve setups, businesses bear the cost of hiring and training staff to operate their soft serve machines. With 99 Spoons, businesses instead invest in automated vending kiosks, slashing labor costs significantly. The machines work around the clock, requiring minimal human intervention.

Enhanced Efficiency

Our automated kiosks excel in efficiency. They serve the perfect portion every time, eliminating waste. They can work all hours, ensuring that the lure of ice cream vending can attract customers day or night. The machines can also handle high demand periods without faltering, a real boon during hot summer days!

Expanding Product Offerings

With 99 Spoons, businesses aren’t just limited to ice cream vending. Our kiosks are versatile enough to venture into frozen yogurt vending or gelato vending. It means businesses can tap into the health-conscious market without needing extra resources or best ice cream machines. Our kiosks handle it all.

Consistent Quality

Consistency is key in the food industry. 99 Spoons’ automated kiosks ensure every serve is as good as the last, maintaining high standards of quality and taste that customers can rely on. It helps build customer trust and keeps them coming back for more.


Automated vending makes for a lean business model. Reduced labor costs, increased efficiency, versatile product offerings, and consistent quality all contribute to increased profitability. When businesses choose 99 Spoons, they’re choosing a smart, sustainable path to profitability.

Embracing automated soft serve vending, particularly from an innovative company like 99 Spoons, is a forward-thinking step. It combines technology with the universal appeal of ice cream and frozen treats, resulting in a business venture that’s as sweet as it’s lucrative. If you’re looking to make a splash in the frozen vending world, make 99 Spoons your go-to choice.